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Our team has created almost 4 original seating plan’s editors for the last 10 years on different platforms. The Seatmap.pro approach is much more effective than just a simple painting of sections.

From first sight, the design of the seating plan looks like a simple drawing in a tool like a Paint, but as far as we are going deeper to schemas creation and maintenance we can learn some simple strategies and approaches.

Seatmap.pro was designed as a professional tool and aimed to create seating plans of different complexity not more in a few hours. To achieve that kind of productivity we should eliminate every redundant step, like drawing a shape for the single section. What we've learned from our previous experience is almost all venues, especially big ones, built by engineers and described geometrically and mathematically.

Our key features are not about simple drawing, it's based on the rules of the domain, on the rules of the engineering.

Editing and transformations

The basic element of each schema is a section. You need to start by creating a section whether it will be rows of seats or a table. Sections can be aligned, transformed, and edited by the user with simple clicks.

The section comprising rows of seats has a plain initial representation, like a matrix or an Excel sheet. Right after the creation of a section, you probably are going to adjust the numbering on seats and define aisles between rows. After basic configuration, you ready to transform it into different ways (rotate, curve, stretch).

Venue shape

The arena is an outstanding example of the mathematically pre-defined construction. It's hard to design even a relatively small arena with an overall capacity of over 10 000 seats. Venue shape is a Seatmap.pro brand new original tool for the seat's alignment. Get the geometrically curved ideal rows, which reflect the arena's seat topology, with no efforts.

Auto outlines

What is the general view of the seating chart? In most cases, it is a beautiful section's outlines like we used to see on every ticketing site, even without granular seating plans. Seatmap.pro allows creating a section's outline automatically with no additional tools! Just click on a button and manage paddings and even the written name of the section.

SVG background

Once you have a complicated schema to design with tons of graphical elements or logos, you'll need more flexibility and some help from graphical designers. In that case, you must draw sections and seats first, export existing schema to the SVG format, and provide these results to a graphical designer just to draw complex outlines and add elements to the SVG file, which might be imported and used as an SVG background.

Tables and shapes


Price assignment is in two ways: from the editor and via API, using Admin Renderer. Both options are convenient and you decide which one works best for you. Price assignment from the Editor has a special option - export graphical report with assigned prices into PDF, which might be useful for promoters.

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