United by the shared experience in data visualization, vast engineering background and the will to make a difference, Seatmap.pro team is here to offer our skills and devotion in helping to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing our fields of expertise together, we can help medical projects in the process of creating and developing unique visualization solutions, as well as making custom visual editors.

Seatmap.pro can be of help in:

  1. Making visualization systems for multiple objects (molecules, bacteria, viruses)
  2. Developing visual editors and template creators
  3. Creating simulation systems for collisions, intersections, movement of physical objects
  4. Recognizing objects and forming clusters on images

No doubt, the times are tough. However, we hope that our knowledge and skilfulness can help researchers and medical staff on their quest for saving lives.

Our team members are not the ones to give up – we want to make an impact, fight for what is good for all of us and stand victorious. This is not all just bragging – we have already worked with ISO 13485 project implementations in the past, and are familiar with the terms like “Traceability” or “Device Hazard Analysis”.

If you are out there seeking help, please reach out to us at hello@seatmap.pro